Gold & Dark Wool has been published everywhere and is ready for you.

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Listen for free here on the website! It's also on Spotify and anywhere else you can imagine.

This album was such a beast to make.. I started out with a whole 9 songs. After two hard drive failures, I only had 5 songs to work with (and still get this done in a timely manner). So I decided to just go for it and the completion was such a big deal for me. All the tracking (recording) I did all by myself in my apartment. Chris Reynolds, my cousin in Burbank, graciously accepted to mix my album at Chace Audio. He did a phenomenal job and it felt really great to work creatively with family--basically he's an awesome guy. Mark Chaleki did the mastering and also did a great job! Thanks to Sam Blasucci for singing on the record, namely on "Met You". 

Hope you enjoy it. I'd love to say hi--just hit me up in the contact form.



B-Side Collections

I have decided to release collections of B-Sides for download. Each collection costs either two mouse clicks, or one mouse click and one tap on the Enter key . . it's up to you. This availability is meant to fulfill the needs of those who want more VSM, and who like the intimacy of 'raw' recordings. 

These 'b-sides' are not intended to be spit-polish recordings - the imperfections often improve their value; so if you wish, take them as they are  : )

enjoy . .

The Album

The decided name for the first album is Gold & Dark Wool. There are currently 23 songs in the decision-making pool. The music is falling together quite nicely. There is much more time and room now for the music than there was for the EP which is comforting. The stag hopes the world is ready. Turtle seems apprehensive. Elephant is feeling confident and composed. And Buffalo has, yet again, left us without a comment. Read more on the full-throttle blog.